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Ways of getting more information about the DigtialFriend

We have set up several channels for ongoing information updates about the DigitalFriend:

Info/Docs - the Information / Documentation link above has many research papers and other documents about the research that lead to the DigitalFriend, and the development of it that followed.

Blog - this is the personal Blog of the author (Steve Goschnick) of the DigitalFriend. It is predominently about either the DigitalFriend itself on research and development issues related to the DigitalFriend, either directly or indirectly, but also the occasional brain-dump on ongoing more general research activities.

RSS feeds - we have several RSS feeds accessible from this site, which carry any news about the product, the web site, or related issues. Note: This feeds are authored in the DigitalFriend itself, which includes an RSS editor and an RSS aggregator.

Forum - we are currently setting up several database driven online forums, in order to request and receive information about the DigitalFriend and the ongoingly divergent uses it is put to by users.


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